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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

‘Fire’ Multi-band Distortion Plugin updates to 0.9.4. - FREE for Windows & Mac


“Fire” is a multi-band distortion plugin. It supports preset save, multi-band distortion, downsample, eq, etc.

Pre-release version 0.9.4 of Fire adds 4 new distortion functions, a bypass for the compressor, width, filter and downsample, solo buttons, and some more improvements.


  • Sound shaper with different distortion functions, rectification, and bias to shape your sound.
  • Compressor for each band to compress your sound. Click the VU meter graph to see details of the RMS level and compression value.
  • Stereolizer for each band to compress the sound and make it wider.
  • Link the output value with the drive value to automatically decrease the output if you turn up the drive value.
  • Automatically adjust your volume when it gets too loud, just like Sausage Fattener.
  • 4x oversampling to reduce aliasing distortion.
  • EQ with lowcut, highcut and peak controls.
  • Downsample to distort your sound by reducing the sample rate.
  • Preset management with save/load and import functions.
  • A/B mode to compare the effect.


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